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ANSI/ASSP Z359.14-2021 Fall Protection Standards Updated – An Easy To Understand Guide

November 28, 2022

With falls being the leading cause of UK worker deaths, keeping up to date with all things fall protection standards remains as important as ever.

Recently, ANSI/ASSP updated its guidance relating to fall arrest and rescue systems and these changes are due to come into effect on the 1st of February, 2023. 

While fall protection equipment currently in use can continue to be used so long as it meets all relevant safety standards, the updated standards affect manufacturers of fall protection products. Therefore, the updated standards will then filter through to end users in due course.

While we’d be happy to discuss the ANSI/ASSP Z359.14-2021 standards with any existing customers, or help new customers understand what it means in terms of their fall protection equipment, here is an overview of the updates to shine a light on what’s new. 

ANSI/ASSP Z359.14-2021 Safety Requirements For Fall Arrest and Rescue Systems 

SRD (Self-retracting device) classifications – SRDs are now classified into two main categories including Class 1 and Class 2. 

Class 1 devices will be rated for tie-off at or above the D-ring level only. Class 2 requirements will need to meet the requirements that were previously known as SRLE.

Class 2 devices will be rated for tie-off at or below the D-ring level.

Arrest distance – Arrest distance requirements have been standardised for both Class 1 and Class 2 devices at 42 inches. This could mean fall clearance values could change as a result. If so, processes will need to be updated to ensure safety standards are maintained. 

Arresting forces – The maximum permitted arrest force has increased from 900 pounds to 1,350 pounds. Engineer anchorages and horizontal lifelines will need to be reviewed to ensure they meet the new specifications.

The complete ANSI/ASSP.14-2021 booklet can be purchased from the ANSI online store at a cost of $150 (£132). While it is the responsibility of the manufacturers and installers of safety equipment to act in accordance with the changes, health and safety managers or company owners may also want to familiarise themselves with the latest information. 

It’s also good to note that the updated standard establishes requirements for authorised persons within the capacity range of 130 to 310 pounds (59 to 141 kg).

Fall Protection Equipment For Working At Height – Metreel

Need any help with all things fall protection equipment? Or want to ensure that your fall protection equipment complies with the latest standards if reading this post after the 1st of February, 2023 when the standards have been implemented?

Metreel is a leading UK manufacturer of fall protection equipment, based in Derbyshire and operating across the UK. We can advise on any safety issues and ensure your team has everything they need to carry out their duties safely and efficiently. This includes any updated safety standards, including ANSI/ASSP Z359.14-2021.

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