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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using Workstation Cranes And How To Prevent Them

April 18, 2023

Workstation cranes are designed to improve safety, productivity and efficiency within various industries. 

But as with any kind of machinery and equipment, workstation cranes must be used as intended and serviced well to ensure they remain operational. 

Otherwise, a workstation crane can become dangerous. Most often, this is when basic safety advice has been ignored. 

While no substitute for a health and safety assessment of your workplace, here are some of the most common safety mistakes to avoid if your business operates a workstation crane to guide you. 

Heavy load on a crane

Exceeding Safe Weight Limits (Overloading)

All crane types have upper maximum load limits and workstation cranes are no exception. If these loads are exceeded then any number of serious scenarios could occur.

This may include structural damage to the crane, or the load dropping without warning, including in the path of workers or other structures below. 

Here at Metreel, our workstation cranes have maximum load capacities of up to 2,000kgs. The load limit will also be found printed on the crane itself. Whether you are using a Metreel workstation crane or a crane by any other manufacturer, these upper limits must be respected. 

How to avoid: Aside from only acting within the safety guidelines, you may need to upgrade your workstation crane if your workers are frequently approaching the upper safe load limits. 

gantries uk metreel

Improper Use

Workstation cranes are designed with endless safety features and considerations in mind. 

But as with any piece of equipment, when these are ignored or compromised due to the crane operator, they will not offer protection from the relevant safety hazard. This puts all those in the vicinity at risk of accident or injury. 

How to avoid: Nobody should be tasked with operating a workstation crane without the proper training. In addition, all crane operators must act within health and safety guidelines at all times, and be fit to work. 

glenn van de wiel UOv sBYn vM unsplash from Metreel

Poor Installation

Workstation cranes must be installed correctly so that the loads can be safely supported as goods are lifted and repositioned. 

Poor installation happens when a workstation crane is not installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions, or any other relevant health and safety guidance isn’t adhered to. 

How to avoid: Only qualified professionals should attempt workstation crane installations. Cranes should be thoroughly tested before being signed off ready for use. 

factory boss in workshop 2021 09 24 03 48 37 utc from Metreel

Skipping Maintenance Checks 

Workstation cranes are composed of a number of components that will affect the operational integrity of that crane. If each mechanism isn’t regularly checked and serviced as soon as any faults are detected, safety problems will likely develop. 

As well as worn components, crane components can also become damaged or corroded. 

How to avoid: Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions as to when safety checks and services need to be performed on a workstation crane. Never operate a workstation crane if there are any concerns about safety. 

What Is Material Handling?

Allowing Safety To Be Compromised By Environmental Factors

Environmental factors can cause damage to workstation cranes and affect operational safety in general. This can include the likes of rain, wind or extreme temperatures (hot or cold). 

While environmental factors may not always be an issue within indoor environments, crane operators should be fully aware of any potential factors that could compromise the crane. 

How to avoid: Only operate a workstation crane in suitable environments and working conditions. 

troy bridges SuzmwVqHJdo unsplash scaled from Metreel

Electrical Malfunctions

Workstation cranes are powered by various means, with some powered directly by electricity. As with any kind of electrical machinery, a serious risk of injury is always present.

Risks are higher when equipment isn’t serviced regularly, or when unqualified repairs are attempted. Likewise, electricity and water do not mix and so must never come into contact with each other. 

How to avoid: Workstation crane maintenance must only be carried out by a professional. Never take any other known risks associated with electrical machinery. 

Metreel – Workstation Cranes For Sale UK

Metreel is a leading UK supplier and installer of workstation cranes, including workstation bridge cranes and workstation jib cranes.

Our core values revolve around safety, quality and innovation. So if you are looking for a trusted supplier and installer of workstation cranes to avoid all of the above safety issue scenarios, you’re in the right place.

Are you interested in installing a workstation crane, or upgrading your existing material handling equipment? Check out our workstation cranes page to browse our product offerings. 

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