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How Conveyor Systems Can Help To Improve Warehouse Productivity

March 26, 2024

Conveyors are a staple feature in any warehouse environment. Capable of moving materials or products from one location to another, conveyor systems can include floor or overhead-style systems which move goods along a predetermined path. 

While conveyors may consist of different components and even different functionality, what these systems offer overall is the power of automation. That’s because repetitive tasks can be performed in a much more efficient way, providing benefits to warehouse environments across the board. 

Here at Metreel, we supply material handling systems to improve the safety and efficiency of businesses, including warehouses. 

Focusing specifically on conveyor systems, these are just some of the ways they can improve productivity within a warehouse environment. 

Reduced Reliance On Human Labour

So long as they are in good working order, conveyor belts can run continuously, all while performing what would otherwise be labour-intensive tasks.

All of this not only speeds up tasks and overall output but also reduces the need to hire human employees. While automation (let alone AI) can be controversial in terms of reducing jobs, ultimately, repetitive tasks are one area where automation is actually welcomed. That’s because it’s often very physically demanding to complete high volumes of manual tasks, especially when it comes to picking, sorting or manufacturing goods. 

Instead, human workers can focus on other tasks around the warehouse, including those which provide better job satisfaction compared with repetitive or physically exertive work. For instance, product development or customer service. 

More Efficient Use Of Space

Conveyor systems can be customised to the available space within a warehouse. With floor and ceiling systems also available, it’s possible to make use of what otherwise is redundant space within a warehouse, and instead turn this space into a highly profitable asset for the business.

Plus, unlike manual systems which may require clearance space for human workers, machinery such as conveyor systems take up less room and also allow for more stock to be accommodated. 

Improved Safety

Conveyor systems reduce the strain on human workers while reducing risks associated with material handling along with repetitive physical labour. While improved safety is already a great perk in itself, there can also be positive knock-on effects for productivity as a whole.

Since every employer has a duty to ensure health and safety regulations are followed, conveyor systems can reduce various types of risks which are present within a warehouse environment. 

Specifically, conveyor systems in a warehouse can reduce instances of workplace injuries as a result of moving heavy goods. Since conveyors transport goods on behalf of human workers, there is less manual lifting involved. Furthermore, warehouse conveyor systems are also equipped with safety features such as emergency stop buttons, which can be also used to prevent accidents in the workplace. 

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