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How Do You Know When It’s Time For A Crane In Your Facility?

August 16, 2023

So your business needs to be able to lift and reposition heavy loads or complete repetitive tasks as part of its operations. Have you thought about purchasing a crane to get the job done safer, not to mention more efficiently? 

Metreel is a leading UK manufacturer of cranes including workstation cranes, jib cranes, monorails and gantries. To talk to us about your specific crane requirements as a business, please give us a call using the contact information above.

In the meantime, here are some of the top signs it’s time to upgrade your facility to include cranes to guide you. 

Your Business Has Heavy Lifting Requirements

Manual handling of goods poses various safety risks at work. The maximum safe lifting limit stands at 16kg for women and 25kg for men, although it is also the case that there is no such thing as a completely safe load to lift. 

Furthermore, some of the most common injuries sustained in the workplace include manual work accidents along with repetitive motion injuries – both of these could easily be the result of manual lifting. 

Improved health and safety are just one of the reasons why switching to a crane makes sense for any industry that requires manual lifting. 

Productivity Needs Improving

In any business – productivity and profitability are directly related. Where manual handling or repetitive tasks are not being completed efficiently, a crane could offer one of the most cost-effective solutions.

As with most mechanical handling and lifting equipment, cranes can speed up operations while reducing physical strain on employees. Fewer resources are also typically needed when the lifting or repositioning of goods is automated. 

With your team free to focus on other tasks, productivity can also be improved in other areas of your business too. 

Increased Demand

Most businesses begin as small start-ups and overtime production increases. If this is the case in your business, and the ability to lift and position loads is integral to your industry, then it’s also time to upgrade to a crane. 

Not only will investing in new handling equipment allow your business to fulfil more orders, but it will also address the above issues, which may also become more likely as your business expands. 

For instance, the increased risk of safety issues due to more products moving through your facility. Likewise, it requires more team members to safely lift loads, not to mention get orders out on time. 

Whatever the issue, cranes can have a multitude of benefits to improve these in the short term, while future-proofing your operations over the longer term. 

Metreel – Purchase Cranes For Businesses UK 

Let’s be honest, by far the biggest sign that it’s time to purchase a crane for your facility, is that you’re reading this very post! 

As noted at the start, here at Metreel we design and install cranes across a variety of industries. Based in Derbyshire, we operate across the UK and beyond. This makes Metreel perfectly positioned to help you find the right crane to suit your needs as a business. 

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