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How To Reduce Workplace Injuries And Deaths In 2023

March 9, 2023

The HSE has recently released its 2022 figures detailing the leading causes of workplace deaths and injuries. 

As a leading supplier of workplace fall protection, material handling and powerfeed equipment, safety is a core focus of our work here at Metreel.

With 1.8 million people reported as suffering a work-related illness in the last year, and 123 losing their life in the workplace (HSE), it’s clear improvements are badly needed. While injuries and deaths sadly cannot always be prevented entirely, instances can certainly be reduced with the right know-how. 

In today’s post, we want to share some of the top steps to make your workplace safer in 2023 and beyond. Our goal is to reduce the instances of workplace injuries and deaths so that your employees can go home safe and well. 

Workplace Injuries And Deaths UK: 2022 HSE/RIDDOR Data

Main kinds of fatal accidents

Falls from a height – 29

Struck by a moving vehicle – 23

Struck by a moving object – 18

Contact with moving machinery – 15

Trapped by something collapsing or overturning – 14

Reasons not accounted for – 24

Total 2022 workplace deaths: 123

In addition, 80 members of the public were killed due to work-related accidents between 2021/2022. 

Workplace fatalities by industry 2022 (HSE)

Construction – 30

Agriculture, forestry and fishing – 22

Manufacturing – 22

Transport and storage – 16

Admin and support services – 12

Wholesale, retail, motor repair, accommodation and food – 11

Waste and recycling – 1

Other – 9

Reducing Workplace Injuries & Deaths Starts With Health & Safety Compliance 

health and safety compliance metreel

All of the above fatality figures represent real people with families, friends and colleagues who would have been deeply affected by their deaths. 

Yet, when it comes to the topic of health and safety – the very thing introduced to reduce workplace injuries and deaths – it commonly remains an unenthusiastic topic for discussion. In fact, research has shown the UK has one of the worst attitudes to health and safety of any country in Europe.

Therefore, the first thing all employers need to do is ensure health and safety is a top priority throughout the entire business. Ultimately, promoting a culture of safety isn’t a ‘nice to have’ – it’s the law. These laws have been created as a direct result of injuries and fatalities occurring in a bid to repeat the same scenarios from happening to your workers. 

The question is, is your business following them?

Regularly Maintain Your Equipment And Keep Up To Speed With Industry Updates

maintaining equipment metreel

If your business relies on any machinery or tools, then it’s vital these are regularly serviced. In addition, you should address any signs of wear or tear which may compromise workers safety without delay. 

Likewise, ignorance of new laws or safety guidelines is no defence, should an accident occur due to following outdated practices or laws. 

A common example is the requirement for scaffolding when working at a height. It was once the case where re-roofing jobs were performed without any scaffolding at all. But at the time of writing, scaffolding is indeed required when working at least four feet above a lower ground level. 

Apply this same logic to any industry, application or machinery, and it’s clear that following outdated guidance can pose serious safety risks. In addition, the legal consequences would be far more severe if updated guidance were not followed and an accident were to occur. 

Take A No-Nonsense Approach To Health And Safety Breaches 

factory boss in workshop 2021 09 24 03 48 37 utc from Metreel

All employees must of course have the relevant qualifications to perform their duties, especially if there are safety risks associated with their job. 

But beyond this, as employers, it’s essential to maintain a high level of standard and meet safety policies when it comes to implementing the training and guidance given. Specifically, acting accordingly should health and safety breaches occur. 

Ultimately, everyone needs to be on the same page from management through to new apprentices. Anyone who does not believe in adopting health and safety guidance is a risk to your team and your business as a whole. 

Metreel – Material Handling, Fall Protection And Powerfeed Equipment For Businesses

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