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Preparing Your Warehouse For The Christmas Season

October 24, 2022

The festive season means two very different things depending on whether you’re a consumer shopping for goods or working behind the scenes, particularly in a warehouse environment bringing said goods to the shelves. Christmas has long been the busiest time of the year for most industries, and warehouses can become particularly stretched, which threatens the overall productivity of the business. 

As with any challenge, preparation is key, and for warehouses, this means reviewing operations to ensure that everything is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

Here are some of our top tips on preparing your warehouse for the Christmas season to tell you more. 

Review The Layout

Any warehouse owner or manager will know all too well that space is of a premium within a warehouse. That’s why it’s essential to conduct regular reviews of each section of the warehouse to ensure the layout is maximising the space, rather than taking up precious space unnecessarily. 

In the build up to the Christmas season especially, there will be more goods coming into the warehouse than at any other time of the year, though for retailers Black Friday is certainly a good practice run! If the layout isn’t efficient while maintaining safety protocols, there could either be a blockage or not all of the stock will fit within the space available. 

As part of the review, consider whether the storage facilities are truly making the best use of the space, especially in terms of vertical height. If there is dead space above the shelves and a lack of room for new items coming in, building upwards is likely the best solution, so long as your equipment can scale up to the height required. 

Order Projections

Rather than reacting to the influx of orders as they happen, it’s also wise to review the performance and requirements of the business in the same period as in previous years. Doing so will help paint a more accurate picture of what will be required in terms of labour, space, machinery, specialisms etc. 

Use this information to not only plan ahead but keep the team informed so that they also know what to expect and can work more efficiently as a result. In addition, the information can be inputted into any warehouse automation software you have which will help keep a close eye on inventory.

Labour Market

While much of what takes place within a warehouse is increasingly automated these days, humans are still an integral part of the operation. As with many industries, more labour will be required around the Christmas season to ensure orders can be processed on time and to reduce the strain on your regular employees. 

Ideally, recruitment should start in the early autumn by liaising with staffing agencies, or at the very least getting the job posted on the relevant websites. Positions will need to be filled in advance so that you can be sure you’ll have enough hands on deck. Also, staff may need time to be trained depending on their role, so don’t leave anything until the last minute if you want to secure the best talent. 

Conduct Maintenance 

It’s essential to maintain your warehouse equipment all year round, but given the additional strain Christmas demand can put on every aspect of the environment, warehouse managers need to make sure everything is up to the task. 

Even if the machine doesn’t pose a danger to safety, if it’s not working at its optimum level, then it will be more costly to run and ultimately will slow down production. 

Whether your machinery has been supplied by us here at Metreel or has been made by another supplier, always keep an eye on the recommended maintenance times, along with any signs that the component is showing signs of wear or tear. Likewise, if any safety warnings are being displayed, then this will require immediate attention. 

Warehouse Machinery UK

Metreel is a leading supplier of warehouse equipment. If you need specialist equipment to make your warehouse run more efficiently this Christmas, we’re here to help. 

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