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What Are Collector Columns And When Do I Need One?

January 16, 2024

Collector columns are used alongside festoon systems for the purposes of providing electrical power or control signals to moving machinery or equipment. 

Specifically, Metreel collector columns are designed to transfer power or control functions from stationary to rotating or oscillating equipment. We supply a range of electrical collector columns to suit all environments and to accommodate a number of special options. This includes fibre optic and mercury transmitters.

If you are in search of a collector column to support your business operations, then the Metreel team would be more than happy to run through how our systems work to guide you.

In the meantime, here is an overview of some of the general usage scenarios where electrical collector columns can be useful. 

11 CollectorColumn V1 from Metreel

Collector Columns Usage Applications 

Collector columns help ensure that mobile industrial equipment can benefit from efficient and uninterrupted usage. This is due to collector columns preventing cable damage while promoting the smooth operation of machinery within a designated area. In addition, collector columns can also improve site safety. 

Typically, collector columns are designed to move vertically along a fixed structure. As the system moves, it provides the necessary slack in the cable to adapt to changes in elevation, i.e. during the lifting of a crane or a hoist. 

Let’s take a look at some of the top scenarios where such properties may be required. 

Automated Guided Vehicles 

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) can be used for the purposes of material handling within industrial environments. As AGVs move along predetermined paths, collector columns can ensure a continuous power supply. 

Flexible Manufacturing Systems

In any manufacturing setting where a piece of machinery needs to travel along a path, collector columns can provide power or control. 

While the specific need for a collector column can depend on a number of factors, the general purpose for using one is when there is a need to prevent damage to cables and ensure smooth and continuous movement of machinery. Some key features of collector columns include collector shoes and flexible cable conductors along with a connection to a festoon system such as trolleys, tracks or cable carriers. 

overhead crane modernisation from Metreel
Low-angle view photo of a huge crane lifting heavy machinery indoors

Material Handling Equipment 

Material handling equipment such as overhead cranes rely on precise and controlled movement, and collector columns can be used to facilitate these requirements for the crane’s moving trolley and hoist systems. Likewise, collector columns can provide power or signal control to hoists, lifts and other material-handling equipment. 

Metreel – Shop Our Electrical Collector Columns UK

Are you in search of an electrical collector column for your business operations? 

Whatever help you may require, the Metreel team is only a call or a click away. We are a leading UK supplier of collector columns, so head over to our collector columns product page to see our product specifications in greater detail. 

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