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What Is A Workstation Crane?

October 13, 2022

Workstation cranes are one of the many different types of material handling equipment that can be used to lift or reposition heavy loads. 

The reason material handling equipment is used is that the loads would be unsafe or at best inefficient to be moved manually. So by using motorised equipment, the loads are able to be moved in a way that aids efficiency without compromising on safety. 

As the name suggests, workstation cranes are a type of manual handling equipment that is placed above a workstation. This particular type of crane is characterised by a moving bridge that operates across parallel runways.  

Some common examples of workstation environments where a workstation crane is likely to be found include the likes of manufacturing plants, industrial units or warehouses. 

Here is an overview of workstation cranes to help guide your purchase decision. As always, if you’d like tailored advice relating to your business, please give us a call using the contact information at the end of this post, where one of our workstation crane experts will be happy to assist you further.

Workstation Crane Properties

  • Loads up to 2000kgs
  • Bridge lengths up to 10m
  • Runway supports up to 9m
  • Ceiling & floor mount options
  • Modular design
  • Simple to install and extend
  • Economic cost 
  • Mixed capacity systems
  • Motorised tractor units
  • Telescopic bridges
  • Cantilever bridges
  • Track transfer units

Benefits Of Workstation Cranes

Crane Solvay from Metreel

Durable – Durability is something that cannot be underestimated when it comes to workstation cranes, as unless the product is durable it won’t fulfil its purpose and could actually slow down production instead of increasing it. 

As noted above, workstation cranes such as our Met-Track Workstation Bridge Crane are built into the ceiling space as part of an extremely robust framework. So when it comes to aspects such as repetitive use and even the safe moving of a load – all bases have been covered. 

Flexible – No two workstations are the same, so why should your workstation crane be? The beauty of a Metreel workstation crane in particular, is that we’ll customise your crane to your needs. 

Some of the customisable aspects of a workstation crane include the load capacities (ranging between 125kg and 2000kg), bridge lengths, runway lengths along with whether you require a ceiling or floor mounted design. 

Efficient – The very essence of productivity hinges on how efficient a particular process is. Given the lifting of heavy loads beyond a safe limit isn’t something that can be managed by manual lifting alone, if there isn’t another way to facilitate the lifting or repositioning of goods, then productivity will grind to a halt. 

The job of a workstation crane is literally to take the strain off of your employees, meaning it will allow them to use their energy on the task and hand while completing the work much quicker because of the assistance of the lifting technology. Plus, there are plenty of options where precision is concerned to really hone in the efficiency of your operations. 

Safe – Safety should be at the heart of every aspect of every business, especially where there is a real risk of danger from the work itself. Heavy loads have the potential to cause serious injury or even death to workers and potentially the general public depending on how your business operates.

Therefore, workstation cranes are one a number of tools that can ensure safety by securing the load as it is moved or repositioned. At all times, the operator can control the movements which dramatically reduces the chances of safety incidents. 

Buy Workstation Cranes Online UK

Are you in search of a workstation crane for your business? Metreel is a leading stockist of workstation cranes in the UK. 

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