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What Is An Overhead Monorail System?

April 27, 2023

An overhead monorail system is one of many solutions built to make lifting safer and more efficient for your business. 

Designed to integrate straight into your business operations, overhead monorails can be used in a variety of environments and applications.

Most commonly, this includes industrial settings such as warehouses or factories. In such instances, overhead monorails facilitate the movement or transportation of goods along a production line. 

As manufacturers and installers of overhead monorails here at Metreel, we’re here to answer all your questions about overhead monorail systems.

So here is an overview of what overhead monorails are, how they work, and most importantly, how they can benefit your business. 

Overhead Monorails: An Overview

Lift Crane and Head Protection

Overhead monorails are a type of mechanical system used for transporting goods within industrial and manufacturing environments. Also, in non-industrial environments, monorails can be used to transport people. 

Focusing on industrial applications, an overhead monorail consists of a single rail or beam which is suspended above the ground or floor. The weight of the device and its load is typically supported by columns or poles. This thorough construction ensures a smooth, stable and safe ride as the load moves along the track. 

The met-track® overhead monorail and conveyor systems are designed for manual operation. However, our solutions can be adapted to be operated by a power system involving the use of a motorised chain system or tug drives.

Where Can Overhead Monorails Be Used?

Overhead monorails can be used in a variety of scenarios. As noted above, this includes both industrial and non-industrial environments.

Examples of non-industrial environments include the likes of airports, theme parks or sports venues. However, this is when monorails are used to move people rather than goods. Though, thinking of these non-industrials examples helps to familiarise you with how monorails work in general, plus how they visually appear. 

Here at Metreel, our monorail systems are strictly for industrial applications such as factories, warehouses and similar settings. Our solutions facilitate the movement of materials, products or equipment along production lines, or to another part of your building. 

In essence, overhead monorail systems can be used in any scenario where there is a need to transport materials safely and efficiently. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Overhead Monorail Vs Manual Lifting Techniques?

Manual lifting has many limitations in terms of safety, speed and efficiency – the exact qualities an overhead monorail is designed to provide. 

When you call us to enquire about an overhead monorail system, we’d be happy to run through any specific issues you’re looking to solve, and how the met-track® overhead monorail and conveyor systems can be of benefit.

In the meantime, here are just some of the advantages of switching to an overhead monorail system, especially compared with manual lifting techniques: 

Improved safety – There soon comes a point when manual lifting is no longer safe, putting your team at risk of serious injury. In addition, repetitive movements can also cause physical strains and long-term issues. Overhead monorails take responsibility for the load weights, and movements of these loads, meaning this strain is no longer on your human employees. 

Increased business capabilities – With ease of movement of goods comes the ability to scale up your operations as a result. 

Space efficiency – Overhead monorails use what is usually ‘dead space’ well above the workstation floor in the ceiling, freeing up space on the ground. 

Low maintenance – Overhead monorails are supported by a single rail and therefore have fewer moving parts than other cranes or lifting equipment. When installed and maintained correctly, less maintenance is required. This is in addition to overhead monorails being energy efficient too. 

Flexible to your needs – We can design and install an overhead monorail to navigate around obstacles within your building or workspace. 

Metreel Material Handling – Overhead Monorail Systems UK

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Are you a business owner or facilities manager in search of an overhead monorail to support your operations? 

Metreel is a leading designer and installer of overhead cranes. We’re based in Derbyshire and operate across the UK and beyond. 

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