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What To Consider When Browsing Gantry Cranes For Sale

January 23, 2023

Purchasing a gantry crane for your business will mean increased safety, not to mention better productivity for your whole operations. Giving your team the ability to lift heavy or large loads with ease, gantry cranes are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations. 

While gantry cranes offer a plethora of benefits, like any other type of material handling equipment, there’s plenty to consider to ensure the maximum return on your investment. 

If you’re ready to make your gantry crane purchase, go ahead and give us a call at 0115 647 0437. Alternatively, if you need some guidance about finding the correct gantry crane for your application and usage needs, here are some top points to consider when browsing gantry cranes for sale. 

Gantry Cranes: An Overview

what is a gantry crane? gantry cranes for sale uk metreel

The lifting and repositioning of loads can only be safely done by humans up to a certain point. When excessive weights or even unusual shapes need to be lifted, often this will be done by mechanical handling equipment including cranes.

Lots of types of cranes exist, with some being better suited to your project more than others. Here at Metreel, you’ll find a full spectrum of cranes including workstation jib cranes, workstation cranes, track systems and monorails

In addition, we also manufacture gantry cranes. Before we move on to the top points to look out for when purchasing a gantry crane, here is a little more info on this type of crane specifically. 

What Is A Gantry Crane?

A gantry crane is a type of overhead crane which runs on either a rail system or on wheels. 

Gantry cranes are used to move and reposition heavy loads. Due to the ability to control a gantry crane either manually or via a control system, any loads can be subject to extreme precision in terms of movement, increasing safety and productivity simultaneously. 

In addition, gantry cranes can be used in conjunction with a variety of hoisting mechanisms including chains, cables or electromagnets. Therefore, gantries offer both support and stability in abundance for any lifting requirement. 

Due to the structure of a gantry crane covering a wide spatial area, they are commonly used within outdoor applications, such as moving containers at a shipping port. However, gantry cranes are also widely used in manufacturing applications too. 

What Is A Gantry Crane Used For?

Gantry cranes are used within a wide range of environments and application types. Some of the main industries associated with gantry cranes include shipping, manufacturing and construction. 

Some of the specific uses of a gantry crane include:

  • Lifting heavy loads
  • Repositioning heavy loads
  • Moving heavy machinery
  • Storing or retrieving items within a warehouse
  • Assembling or repairing large structures

Not sure if your operations could benefit from a gantry crane? Our friendly team would be more than happy to assist you.

How To Build A Gantry Crane

Building a gantry crane is a complex project, depending on whether or not you are building a static (fixed position) structure, or if you are using a portable (mobile) gantry crane. 

Large static gantry cranes can be installed by following these general steps:

  • Determine the size and capacity of the crane needed. Calculate the required load, span and lift height. 
  • Design the structure using computer-aided design (CAD). The design needs to provide detailed information on the size and dimensions of the main structure, legs and wheels, along with the hoisting system and any other required components.
  • Fabricate the components by cutting and welding the materials to create the main structure and accessories. Ensure the gantry is stable and balanced. 
  • Test and commission the crane by performing test loads and carrying out any relevant safety inspections. 

Did you know?: Metreel ALU-LIFT® gantries offer a simple setup and disassembly and will be supplied to you ready to assemble and use. They are purpose-built for constant disassembly, including working in outdoor or remote locations. Our gantries also boast minimum storage requirements, along with ease of transportation. 

Gantry Crane Purchase Checklist

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Notepads at the ready, are some of the specifications you need to think about when you are comparing gantry cranes for sale. Or likewise, when you are commissioning a new gantry crane purchase through a specialist manufacturer.

Lifting Capacity

What type of weights will your gantry crane need to be able to safely lift?

For instance, our gantries here at Metreel have lifting capacities ranging from 500kg to 2,000 kg. 

It’s important to think about your lifting capacity now and in the future, so that your gantry is able to keep up with demand. 

Gantry Crane Size

The size of the gantry crane will determine how much space it requires to operate in your warehouse or in a remote location. In addition, the amount of storage space it will need if it happens to be a mobile gantry. 

Another angle to consider is whether the gantry may require additional clearance space to ensure safe lifting and repositioning. 

Metreel gantries have spans of up to 6 meters. Of course for large static cranes, the total span will be more. For instance, the largest gantry crane in the world is the Taisun Crane, which has an incredible span of 120 meters. 


As noted above, gantry cranes can be portable (mobile) or static (fixed). 

The choice of which to opt for really depends on where your operations take place. If you want full autonomy to lift loads in different locations, whether this is different spots within your warehouse or even remote locations off-site, then a portable gantry is the option to choose. 

Alternatively, a static gantry can offer a larger lifting capacity, but in exchange for losing the ability to reposition the crane.

Swivel Locking Casters

Wheel casters give the ability to apply breaks, so that the gantry crane and any loads it is carrying cannot move, to avoid posing a serious hazard to nearby workers as well as nearby structures. 

So before purchasing a mobile gantry crane, always ensure that casters are provided. Metreel provides swivel locking casters as standard. 

Ease Of Assembly & Disassembly

The easier it is to set up and take down your gantry crane, the better it will be for your entire operations. 

Just as Metreel provides PDF guides and customer service to help you, ensure that if you are looking to purchase a gantry crane elsewhere that your team will benefit from the same service. 

Finding A Trusted Manufacturer & Installer

Pardon the pun, but purchasing a gantry crane is a decision with a lot more weight behind it than choosing an office air freshener. 

Here at Metreel, we’ve been in business since 1969. This means we can offer you an unrivalled level of experience and support throughout your entire customer journey with us. 

Given the importance for health and safety, not to mention satisfaction with your purchase, we highly encourage you to only choose a trusted manufacturer and installer when browsing gantry cranes for sale. 

Metreel – Purchase Gantry Cranes For Your Business Operations

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Metreel is a leading manufacturer of portable gantries. So if you’re in search of a solution to perform safe material handling across your operations, you’re in the right place. 

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