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Project Description

Metreel have recently worked with Lloyds British to secure an order to supply a 1000Kg SWL Powered Travel Met-Track® Workstation Bridge Crane to a blue chip Aerospace manufacturer. In fact, the end user was so impressed with the product, they ordered a second identical system for use in a parallel production line!




United Kingdom

Products Supplied

Met-Track® Workstation Bridge Crane

GE Aviation 01 from Metreel
GE Aviation 05 MAIN IMAGE scaled from Metreel

Using steel ‘A’ frames to lift their high precision, high value components onto a trolley to move through the stages of productions was clearly inefficient and more importantly, required excessive manual handling.

Steve Tombs, our Area Sales Engineer visited site with Lloyds to look at how handling could be improved in the production area. All options were discussed with the end user, these included Met-Track® Monorail Systems or a number of Met-Track® Jib Cranes but it was obvious to them that a Met-Track® workstation bridge crane was the best way forward as this allowed full XYZ movement over the entire production area.

Another major benefit for the end user was that both Met-Track®cranes could be extended down shop and be fitted with additional bridges to allow for their future expansion plans

In both cases, the Met-Track®workstation bridge crane system only took 5 weeks to fabricate and deliver to site. Lloyds British commented that they “were impressed with the ease of installation” – this being the first time they had installed a crane with powered travel.

The floor-mounted Met-Track® workstation crane system installed include 10m wide bridges fitted to 35m long runways. Dual speed movement of the load in all directions is controlled from a Radio Remote Pendant meaning that the user can quickly and easily move the load to all areas within the production area whilst remaining a safe distance from the load.

We are impressed with the expert advice given by both Metreel and Lloyds British and exceptionally pleased that our new Met-Track® workstation crane system which has completely removed the manual handling risk and greatly increased efficiency and productivity

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