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Glass Production Facility

A Set of new cranes for a prestigious glass processor in the UK.

Project Description

A large processor of glass products in the UK. With an ever growing demand for their high-quality work, the team needed to expand their resources and capabilities.

To do this, they understood the need to upgrade their equipment and expand on their current facility.


Glass Production



Products Supplied

Cranes & Chain Hoists

SA57836 009 from Metreel

The client was in need of an upgrade to its current equipment and an expansion so that it can keep up with the growing demand for its services. With that in mind, they came to us for our Met-Track systems.

We provided them with a number of different cranes to aid their operation and the team loved the outcome. We created two, 500kg capacity bridge cranes which were supplied with two-speed electric chain hoists.

The cranes were mounted by Metreel’s in-house installation team above the heat treatment equipment onto additional steel beams in order to reduce obstructions on the floor and keep walkways clear. The cranes are able to provide smooth loading and unloading of the materials.

These cranes meant that the team at the glass production facility have been able to reduce the amount of manual handling and instead, let the machines take the load. This helps to reduce the number of potential injuries and create a higher efficiency within their facility.

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