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HVAC Manufacturer

Project Description

A manufacturing facility producing metal vented products and technology solutions for the HVAC industry had a requirement for a safer and more efficient solution to manoeuvre the metal vented products to their assembly areas.

Fork Lift Trucks were initially used for this process but proved to be inefficient as well as a risk on the employee safety.


HVAC Manufacturer



Products Supplied

Met-Track® 1T Freestanding Workstation Bridge Crane with dual bridges and enclosed electrification

Nailor Industries 02 from Metreel

A Met-Track® Floor Mounted Workstation Bridge crane of 33’ wide and 100’ in length was determined to provide the solution for their area concerns.

The manual push/pull workstation is designed with 2 bridges and due to forklift traffic moving unfinished and completed product to staging areas, the system was equipped with enclosed electrification to prevent festooning being a hindrance to productivity,

Upon completion of this installation and commissioning by our associates Absolute Crane Services, our client reported their extreme satisfaction with the ease of the user with increased safety and productivity in their processes. They are now considering another workstation crane for another assembly facility.

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