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Landing Gear Manufacturing

Supplied and installed new and improved systems to a manufacturer of landing gear.


Project Description

Metreel supplied and installed a 4-Ductor® system to an existing crane to a manufacturer of landing gear for the Airbus A380.

The crane system comprises 4 individual hoists which were able to transfer into transverse crane systems each end enabling loading, processing and unloading of the finished product.

Metreel were invited to provide an alternative solution to replace their existing conductor system which was failing regularly as the brushes were often jumping out of the conductors both along the 4 LT lengths and at the transition points in the system.


Manufacturing and landing gear


United Kingdom

Products Supplied

messier dowty 0162 from Metreel

Following a visit to our client, we were requested to attend the plant to look at replacement of the unreliable conductors.

AKAPP 4Ductor with transfer funnel sections to guide the collector trolley / brushes from one system into the other was discussed and subsequently quoted.

Installation took place over a factory shutdown during an extended bank holiday to avoid any loss of any production time.

The enclosed track design, continuous copper conductors and dual collector trolley arrangements ensure smooth un-interrupted power to the hoists at all points in the system.

In addition to these benefits, the system is much more user friendly than the old individual conductor system as the user no longer has to precisely align the 4 individual conductors when transferring the hoist between systems – the Akapp transfer funnels act to guide the collector trolley and brushes into place.

Feedback from our client has been very positive and the crane system has not caused any issues since it’s installation.

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