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St. Peter’s Church Tower

Installing access systems for St Peter’s Church.

Project Description

An architect for St. Peters Church remodelled the inside of the church but had to provide some access to the bell tower for maintenance purposes.

In the past a wooden ladder to the first loft hatch offered this facility but current regulations prevented this operation being continued. A full access ladder system was required.



United Kingdom

Products Supplied

Invisirung® Fall Arrest System

invis2 from Metreel

Metreel was contacted to provide a safety ladder system but the range of standard fall arrest systems we offer are mainly manufactured for industrial markets and do not offer the gentle appearance suitable for the religious surroundings.

An alternative ladder system named Invisirung® seemed to offer an option that made the use of such systems now acceptable. The basis of the folding rung ladder offers all the features and safety of a fall arrest system but with minimal interference of the surroundings.

Each rung is folded down when the user needs to climb to gain access to carry out their work and on descending the rungs are then neatly stored behind the slimline rail.

Both the rail and rungs can be painted according to the customer’s requirements. This option makes it easy for architects to utilise the slimline appearance within their design and thus hide a necessary safe access solution.

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