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Tyre Manufacturer

Movement solution for a global tyre manufacturer.

Project Description

Metreel was approached by a global Tyre manufacturer to provide a handling solution to their problem of moving the tyres around after each manufacturing process. The company produce re-manufactured and re-treaded tyres from worn carcasses.

During the complete operation, the previous manufacturing process utilised floor mounted trolleys or simply rolling of tyres on the floor to convey the tyres between each process. Due to safety and quality procedures, the current methods were no longer viable, so Metreel were challenged with providing a safer solution.


Rubber tyre manufacturer


United Kingdom

Products Supplied

Met-Track® Monorail System

IMG 0707 2048x1530 1 scaled e1666104759599 from Metreel

Metreel proposed the supply and installation of a 500 series Met-Track® Monorail system to transport the tyres from the start of the re-manufacturing process – the worn tyre warehouse, through every stage of the re-manufacturing process to the despatch area.

The complete system is very complicated and needed to facilitate several branch-off areas to specific process operations along with storage loops for each process.

Metreel successfully designed, manufactured and installed the complete steelwork structure, tracks and approximately 120 tyre hangers over a period of approximately 6 weeks whilst also ensuring minimal disruption to the manufacturing process.

A proposal to extend and modify the system is now underway to increase the capacity of the system allowing a greater number of tyres and a quicker throughput on the system.

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