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Foot Switches

metreel elec foot switch from Metreel
  • Conformity to Community Directives: 2014/35/UE 2006/42/CE
  • Conformity to Standards: EN 60204-1 EN 60947-1 EN 60947-5-1 EN 60529
  • Storage ambient temperature: -40°C/+70°C
  • Operational ambient temperature: -25°C/+70°C
  • Protection degree: IP 53
  • Insulation category: Class I
  • Cable entry: cable gland M20
  • Markings and homologations: CE
  • Utilisation category: AC 15
  • Rated operational current: PRSL0036XX: 3 A PRSL0045PI – PRSL0047PI: 1.9 A
  • Rated operational voltage: PRSL0036XX: 250 Vac PRSL0045PI – PRSL0047PI: 380 Vac
  • Rated thermal current: 10A
  • Rated insulation voltage: PRSL0036XX: 300 Vac PRSL0045PI – PRSL0047PI: 500 Vac
  • Mechanical life: 1×106 operations
  • Connections: screw-type terminals
  • Wires: 1×2.5 mm², 2×1.5 mm² (UL – (c)UL: use 60 or 70 °C copper (CU) conductor and wire 16-18 AWG)
  • Tightening torque: 0.8 Nm
  • Markings and homologations: PRSL0036XX: CE cULus EAC PRSL0045PI – PRSL0047PI: CE cULus


Footswitch for auxiliary control of industrial machines.

It acts on the machine motor through a power interface, such as a contactor.


  • The emergency stop mushroom pushbutton complies with standard ISO 13850.
  • Positive opening NC contacts for safety functions.
  • Mechanical life of switches: 1 million operations.
  • IP protection degree: footswitch 6100/6200 is classified IP53.
  • Extreme temperature resistance: -25°C to +70°C.
  • Made of plastic material or die-cast aluminium.
  • Materials and components are shock and wear resistant.


  • Available with standard protection cover or large cover for safety shoes (6100 version).
  • Single or double footswitches fixed on a metal plate, with emergency mushroom pushbutton.
  • Special footswitch design for pneumatic valve with fixing plate (6100 version).
  • It may be fitted with “lock-release” device used for keeping the pedal pressed or with safety device to prevent accidental operation.
  • Snap or slow action switches with 1NO+1NC contacts, or slow action switches with 2NO+2NC contacts.


  • CE marking.