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Radio Remotes

metreel elec t5 series radio remote from Metreel
  • Ambient temperature
  • Storage -20°C/+70°C
  • Operational -20°C/+70°C
  • Frequency available
  • UHF 433-870 MHz Unified
  • 915 MHz for Usa and Canada
  • 418 MHz for China
  • Hamming code > 4
  • Maximum no. of simultaneous on/off controls 8
  • Response time 50 ms
  • Active Emergency/Stop response time 50 ms
  • Passive Emergency response time 1 s
  • Operating range 100 mt
  • Stop control classiication Category 3 PL-D


Radio remote control with handheld transmitter suitable for cranes and bridge cranes. Handy, compact and lightweight. Designed to reduce installation and maintenance time and costs.


  • Quick and easy installation: from the transmitter it is possible to change the frequency, visualizing it through the flashing led channel indicator, program automatic switch-off functions, set the radio output power, enable low power start-up, program the auxiliary button functions to meet the operator’s needs.
  • Transmitter with pushbuttons suitable for use with safety gloves (ø 21cm).
  • IP protection degree: T3, T5 and T7 are classiied IP65.
  • Extreme temperature resistance: from -20°C to +70°C.
  • Tough NYLON casing for protection against shocks and scraping, resistant to acids, oils and chemical agents.


  • Available in conigurations from 3 to 7 actuators, plus Start and Stop.
  • Available with protective case and shoulder strap.
  • Transmitter powered by high capacity internal battery with an operating life of over 1,200 hours (depending on the power used). An emergency kit using standard AA batteries (either 1.5 V alkaline or 1.2 V rechargeable) is also available.
  • Receivers are available for mounting inside the electric panel (RX DIN), in an watertight case for outdoor installation (RX CL), and in a compact case (Ecobox).
  • Supplied with a sturdy and reliable waterproof antenna (UHF model) for the receiver mounted inside the electric panel (RX DIN) or with an internal antenna for the version with outdoor casing (RX CL and Ecobox).
  • Directional and high-gain antennas also available (Flat870 model).
  • If the transmitter is not working, the patented “REMSYS CODE” system allows its immediate substitution and link-up with the same receiver using a simple control sequence.