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Wall-Mounted Jib Cranes

Choose from standard or bespoke wall mounted jib cranes from the global experts.


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Wall-Mounted Jib Cranes

Jib cranes mounted to the wall to save your floor space

Wall-mounted jibs are perfect for almost any indoor application, whether you have a warehouse, factory or any other kind facility. Mounted on the wall, these jib cranes allows more floor space access while maintaining a level of rigidity and strength needed to lift your materials easily.

Benefiting from the lack of column mounted to the floor, a wall-mounted jib will allow for easier movement around the workspace which is often preferred in smaller areas.

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Wall-Mounted Jibs

Perfect for smaller areas or spaces with limited access, a wall-mounted jib crane will be able to handle your lifting needs. The jib crane is a great choice as it is easy to hold material in suspension, manoeuvre or create effortless team work on a particularly heavy item.

This type of jib can be fitted to the structure of your building for instant use, with the additional feature of bespoke designs to suit your business requirements.

The wall-mounted jib can be finished in a powder coat, stainless steel, and can be zinc plated or even hot dip galvanised. You’ll be able to choose from up to a six metre span and the standard rotation while in operation is up to 270 degrees.

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Bespoke Designs

Wall-mounted jib cranes can be designed to fit your space making it the perfect solution for your requirements.

With a choice of under-braced or over-braced, wall-mounted jibs adhere to the necessary clearance requirements of the mounting location. You’ll be able to customise the hoists and winches fitted to the jib crane to achieve the right level of lifting capacity, to get your projects off the ground.

Our wall-mounted jib cranes has the ability to lift up to 1000kg, offering the best solution for your smaller lifting needs. If you need something with a higher lifting capacity take a look at our workstation cranes.

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Take a look at our brochure today and find out more about our products

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