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What Is Mechanical Handling?

September 19, 2023

Mechanical handling plays an integral part in industries such as construction, manufacturing and warehousing. 

Consisting of equipment that facilitates the movement, lifting and repositioning of goods, mechanical handling works to create safer and more efficient workplaces. That’s because by reducing the need for human input, this increases capacity while reducing the chances of injury, especially when lifting heavy loads.

Metreel designs and installs various types of mechanical handling equipment including workstation cranes, gantries, monorails and more. 

For businesses interested in improving efficiency across their site while improving worker safety, here is what you need to know about all things mechanical handling. 

012 from Metreel

Mechanical Handling: An Overview

Mechanical handling involves the moving, transportation, storage and control of materials.

As the name suggests, mechanical handling products are those which feature mechanical parts. Commonly, these include automated stop-start functions or parts which give the ability to lift heavy loads. 

By custom-building machinery capable of completing a range of workplace tasks, businesses gain much more control over their operations. Namely, this is due to mechanical products being able to lift far heavier loads than humans can, while also reducing strain and fatigue from repetitive work. 

Mechanical Handling Equipment Examples

02 Monorail V1 1 from Metreel

GantriesGantries are a type of crane used for outdoor lifting. Geared towards portable lifting, Metreel gantry cranes have lifting capabilities spanning 500kgs to 2,000kgs. 

Hoists & balancers – Mechanical devices that make use of a chain and pulley system to lift heavy loads. Chain hoists in particular are known for being extremely durable and reliable. 

MonorailsMonorails are a type of conveyor system that make excellent use of any unused overhead space in a work facility. 

Track systemsTrack systems in mechanical handling facilitate the movement of goods, materials or products along a predetermined path. 

Workstation cranesWorkstation cranes can be ceiling or floor-mounted and work by moving goods along a steel track ensuring absolute precision in terms of movement speed, distance and overall operations. 

Workstation jib cranes – Also available as a floor or wall-mounted installation, jib cranes support tool balancers, air balancers, hoists, vacuum lifters and welding equipment used in a close work area.

Benefits Of Mechanical Handling 

The ability to lift, lower and reposition exceptionally heavy loads means mechanical handling greatly extends output for businesses. In turn, the reliance on mechanical machinery compared with human lifting reduces the need for manual labour, which enhances workplace safety while improving efficiency. 

Although mechanical handling products are a cost investment for any business, they are often necessary to grow the business. Plus, with various mechanical handling products available, practically all industries can benefit from the technological advances that mechanical handling provides. 

Compared with traditional manual labour, mechanical handling products are designed to increase profitability, therefore, businesses can recoup any investment costs due to increased workflows and efficiencies across the company.  

Metreel Mechanical Handling & Lifting Equipment UK 

Metreel is a leading supplier of mechanical handling equipment in the UK. 

Based in Derbyshire, we operate not just across the East Midlands but on a global scale. So, if you are in search of material handling solutions for your business you’re in the right place.

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