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How Reeling Drums Can Help To Improve Operations

January 5, 2024

Reeling drums (also known as cable reeling drums) are cylindrical-shaped drums. As an essential part of cable management, reeling drums are used for winding, dispensing and storing cables, cords, hoses and wires. 

Cable reeling drums are a common site in various industries including construction, chemical plants, maritime and shipping, mining, nuclear power plants, steel manufacturing and wastewater facilities. 

Invented in 1948 by Otto Schill, reeling drums continue to offer huge benefits to safety and productivity for businesses. In particular, modern reeling drums allow for motorised operation along with other custom features to be applied. 

Metreel is a leading manufacturer of cable reeling drums in the UK. These are just some of the benefits that a reeling drum which has been tailored towards your specific needs as a business can bring across your operations.

The Role of Industrial Reeling Drums in Material Handling Processes

Improved Cable Management

As a homeowner, you may know that having a large pile of cables not only looks messy but can be a hassle to untangle. Cables and even the appliances they are attached to can become damaged unless the cables are kept neat and orderly.

The same ethos applies within industrial settings, although the potential risks in terms of damaged cables or appliances let alone injuries are much greater. Therefore, by wrapping the cables neatly around a reeling drum, the cables can be kept neat and orderly. As a result, damage to the cables can be prevented along with downtime due to cable tangles or reduced power supply to the appliance. 

Better Safety

When cables are stored neatly, the risk of accidents (i.e. trips) can be greatly reduced. Since industrial environments already have heightened health and safety hazards, this is all the more reason to use a reeling drum to keep floorways free from loose cables. 

Although reeling drums provide a simplistic function, the ability to store cables neatly without impeding usability is impossible without the use of a reeling drum. Hence, they can make a huge impact on the safety of the site. All in a way that is also compact and highly efficient in terms of space requirements. 

Longer Cable Lifespans

It’s a simple fact that if cables are stored neatly and protected from damage at the same time, those cables are more likely to provide more years of use. In contrast, leaving cables lying around leaves the cables vulnerable to damage such as physical impact along with kinking. 

Given how expensive cables can be to replace, plus the cost of reduced output due to damaged cables, cable reeling drums can deliver incredible ROIs due to keeping cables safe and free from damage. 

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Quick Deployment When Needed 

With a reeling drum, a core function is the ability to wind and unwind the cable in a neat and orderly fashion. While this is helpful at any time, it’s particularly crucial during an emergency situation where the cables need to be deployed without delay. 

In contrast, tangled cables can take a long time to untangle and even a delay of a few seconds can be too long when there is an emergency situation your team is trying to deal with. But with a reeling drum, you can always guarantee a smooth deployment along with an easy rewind of the cables once the operation is complete. 

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