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Industrial Drag Chain Maintenance

January 10, 2024

Industrial drag chains are a type of protective guiding system for cables and hoses. They are best characterised by their unique structure which involves a set of interconnected links that protect the cables and facilitate ease of movement. 

But as with all types of industrial appliances or accessories, industrial drag chains can be subject to general wear and tear along with more serious faults which may impede performance or safety. 

Here at Metreel, we are a UK supplier of industrial drag chains. While no substitute for reading the manufacturer guidelines regarding maintenance procedures, here is an overview of what industrial drag chain maintenance generally involves. 

Regular Optional Inspections

Similar to inspecting abseil equipment before each use, industrial drag chains should also be subject to regular inspection. Visually inspect each component along with the overall system to identify damage or misalignment of any of the components. In many cases, spotting issues early can reduce the impact on operations along with the costs of rectifying the issue. If serious faults are discovered then operations can be halted to protect the equipment along with the safety of the team. 

Drag Chain Cleaning

Since industrial drag chains are used within industrial environments, they can be subject to their fair share of dirt, dust, oil and other debris. Removing any dirt and keeping the drag chain clean will improve operations while also reducing component wear. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to identify the correct tools, products and methods to clean the drag chain without causing damage to the machine or potential safety issues.

Lubrication To Moving Parts

After a specified usage period (i.e. every 100 to 200 hours) any moving parts within a drag chain will require lubrication using a specialised product. This is to reduce friction, noise and the overall wear and tear on the machine.

Cable, Hose Or Wire Inspection

While much of industrial drag chain maintenance focuses on the components belonging to the drag chain, it is just as important to ensure any cables that the drag chain carries are free from damage. Inspect for signs of physical wear, damage or fraying. Repairing or replacing cables as soon as any damage is noticed can reduce the chances that a more costly repair may be needed.

Make Adjustments To The Tension

Drag chains require specific tension applied to ensure the mechanism doesn’t run too tightly or too loosely. Check the manufacturer’s instructions, but also complete some test runs to see if the tension is appropriate or if adjustments are needed to protect the operation of the machine and the cables housed inside. 

Keep An Eye On The Maintenance Schedule  

Regular maintenance should be performed on all industrial equipment. However, there will come a point when a more in-depth service is also due. By keeping a log of inspections, and also noting down any maintenance issues or repairs, this information can be shared with your wider team including all those responsible for equipment maintenance along with general site health and safety.

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