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Nuclear Research Centre


Project Description

A European nuclear research centre operates the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) which is a particle accelerator used for physics research.

The LHC is a large circular tunnel of approximately 27km length. Its primary job is to boost the energy of particles which will be smashed together at the various detectors located around the ring.

Based at locations around the LHC are various detectors, one of which is the ATLAS detector. The ATLAS detector is approximately 45m in length, more than 25m tall and weighs around 7,000 tonnes. It houses many detectors, cameras and the like to detect and ‘photograph’ activity when particles are smashed together at very nearly the speed of light.





Products Supplied

Met-Trak™ Steel Drag Chain System

DC4640 02 1536x1152 1 from Metreel

The ATLAS detector is enclosed at either end by large ‘end caps’. These items are driven back & forward to close off the detector for operation or open it for inspection/maintenance. There are numerous electrical cables and hoses containing fluids and gases that need to move with these end caps.

Metreel designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned two Met-Trak® ‘Side Runner’ Drag Chains to protect and convey the umbilical’s to and from the two end caps.

Due to space limitations and application parameters, Metreel, designed special intermediate supports and guides to enable the systems to operate.

A special ‘Power Assist’ Drag Chain powered retrieval system was also incorporated into this application controlled by Electrical Panels also supplied and installed by Metreel.

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